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Jewelry Articles
The Perfect Valentine Gift is An Anniversary Ring
An Anniversary Ring: What is it? An anniversary ring, simply put, is a beautiful diamond ring. Everyone knows what to expect from an engagement ring or a wedding band: a knock-out diamond ring and a classic band. But there are few rules as to what an anniversary should be. [...]
The Basics of Anniversary Rings
Anniversary rings can serve as great reminders on how much you care and love your partner symbolizes the love, commitment and dedication you have for your dearly beloved. In a world where divorce seems to be a fad, any anniversary is indeed a cause for celebration and many men choose to celebrate it by adorning their wives with presents such as anniversary rings. [...]
Tips for Beads and Jewelry DIY
Beads are small, decorative objects pierced for threading or stringing and made by crystal, wood, agate, glass, amber and other textures. Beads made in people's own hands with unusual but wonderful thoughts have developed into one of the most popular hand-made jewelry products in recent years. Children, the young, the middle-aged and the elderly all have hands-on. [...]